Welsh Lake: Big Changes in Wales National Park

Welsh Lake: Big Changes in Wales National Park

Wales National Park. Guess what’s up in Wales’ biggest national park? They just decided something pretty huge. They’re saying, “We’re only using Welsh names for over 200 of our lakes and waterfalls.” Big move, right?

Why the Change?

Eryri National Park folks are all about keeping their heritage alive. They wanna make sure these names stick around for the next bunch of generations. So, they’re making them all official in Welsh Lake.

Snowdonia Who?

Just last year, the park swapped its name from Snowdonia to Eryri National Park. Even Mount Snowdon got a new name—Yr Wyddfa. And now, they’re going even further, changing up the names of some popular spots.

Out with the Old Names

Spots like Lake Australia and Bala Lake won’t be known by those names anymore. Nope, they’re going all Welsh—Llyn Bochlwyd and Llyn Tegid, respectively. Even the Bearded Lake is getting a makeover, now known as Llyn Barfog.

The Big Vote

This decision got a big thumbs-up on Wednesday. Everyone at the National Park Authority voted in favor of the change. They’re joining forces with Welsh activists who’ve been pushing to get historical places renamed in Welsh.

Not Everyone’s Happy

This isn’t the first time a change like this has ruffled feathers. Earlier, the Brecon Beacons went back to its original name Brannau Brycheiniog. But not everyone was cheering. Some UK government folks and Welsh Conservatives weren’t on board, calling it a trendy move that could mess with the region’s international identity.

David TC Davies Speaks Up

The Welsh Secretary, David TC Davies, had some thoughts. He’s a bit concerned, saying there wasn’t much talking before this big decision. He thinks the folks living and working in the park should’ve had a say. He’s not against change, just wants everyone to have a voice.

More Changes on the Way?

Looks like the language campaigners are on a roll. They’re eyeing places like Caerphilly and Barry, thinking they should go back to their Welsh names too. These folks want Welsh names for Welsh places—simple as that. Seems like the naming game in Wales is getting a major shake-up!