Against The Notorious Beastmaster: Best Ways to Tackle Him

Against The Notorious Beastmaster: Best Ways to Tackle Him

Against The Notorious Beastmaster: Best Ways to Tackle Him

Dota 2 can be a wild ride, and facing off against the notorious Beastmaster can feel like a real challenge. But fear not! We’ve got the lowdown on the top three heroes that can give Beastmaster a run for his money.

Against The Notorious Beastmaster: Medusa: The Stone-Cold Beast Tamer

Medusa takes the top spot as one of the best Beastmaster counters. Why? Well, her Split Shot ability is like a superhero cape against Beastmaster’s minions. It allows her to effortlessly clear out his furry friends, making her the queen of the lane.

But that’s not all – Mystic Snake adds to the party by harassing Beastmaster and putting a dent in his plans for that pesky Helm of The Overlord. Medusa’s tankiness with Mana Shield makes her a tough nut to crack, standing tall against Beastmaster’s army without breaking a sweat.

Why Medusa Rocks Against Beastmaster:

  • Split Shot Supremacy: Medusa’s Split Shot turns the tide by taking out multiple minions at once.
  • Mystic Snake Mayhem: Harassing Beastmaster while slowing down his Helm of The Overlord dreams.
  • Mana Shield Fortress: Medusa’s toughness withstands Beastmaster’s army onslaught with ease.

Against The Notorious Beastmaster: Sand King: The Sandy Savior

Beastmaster may strut as the strongest offlaner, but Sand King brings the beach to the battlefield and shows him who’s boss. Sand Storm becomes the ultimate janitor, sweeping away Beastmaster’s army while keeping Sand King safe and sound. It’s like a magic shield against the minions’ onslaught.

But the fun doesn’t stop there – Burrowstrike and Caustic Finale combo clear out waves, while Epicenter adds a cherry on top with massive AOE damage. Sand King’s AOE arsenal and sneaky moves make him a nightmare for Beastmaster to handle.

Why Sand King Rules Against Beastmaster:

  • Sand Storm Fortress: A protective shield that clears Beastmaster’s minions with ease.
  • Burrowstrike Blitz: Combo with Caustic Finale for wave-clearing excellence.
  • Epicenter Earthquake: Massive AOE damage adds insult to injury for Beastmaster.

Against The Notorious Beastmaster: Winter Wyvern: The Ice Queen’s Revenge

For those who aren’t all about being in the limelight but still want to stick it to Beastmaster, Winter Wyvern steps up. With the ability to outrange his summons during the laning stage, she can poke and prod him out of the lane, slowing down his plans.

Winter Wyvern’s Cold Embrace acts as a defensive shield during team fights, countering Primal Roar’s stun and keeping Beastmaster’s physical damage at bay. Winter’s Curse, a group taunt, turns his minions against him, creating chaos in Beastmaster’s army. Add in the mighty Splinter Blast to deal with creeps, and Winter Wyvern becomes a true Beastmaster nemesis.

Why Winter Wyvern Triumphs Against Beastmaster:

  • Laning Stage Dominance: Outranging Beastmaster’s summons for early-game control.
  • Cold Embrace Shield: Counters Primal Roar’s stun and nullifies Beastmaster’s physical onslaught.
  • Winter’s Curse Chaos: Turns Beastmaster’s army against him, causing mayhem.

In a Nutshell

Facing Beastmaster may seem daunting, but with Medusa, Sand King, and Winter Wyvern on your team, you’ve got the perfect trio to make him regret stepping into your territory. These heroes bring the heat (or ice) with their unique abilities, proving that even the mightiest offlaner has his weaknesses. So, gear up with SLOT DEPO 10K, choose your hero, and let the battle begin!