ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023: Lina and Slardar Rise

ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023: Lina and Slardar Rise

ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023: Lina and Slardar Rise

There was a new meta at ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023 after the post-TI12 patch. The 7.34e update may not have been perfect for everyone, but it did make room for new heroes to shine. Lina and Slardar, two heroes, surprised everyone by taking the show.

ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023: Lina’s Coming Back

Lina’s Story at ESL One KL 2023

Many teams now choose Lina for mid lane even though she wasn’t picked at TI12. What took place?

What the Players Have to Say

Austin “Cap” Walsh and Avery “SVG” Silverman were caught up. They have been playing together a lot since TI12. SVG says that Lina became more popular in regular games before the event.

SVG said, “She’s a powerful spell caster and the best laner in Dota 2.” Because she can do many things, she is a good pick in games where the outcome is unclear. SVG emphasized Lina’s power to control mid, win lanes, push, and deal burst damage.

Cap added that Lina had trouble at TI12 because the meta was focused on power. Heart of Tarrasque and Blade Mail were nerfed in 7.34e, which made it possible for Lina to come back. Lina’s skills stand out in a meta that prizes winning lanes and quick games.

ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023: Slardar’s Surprising Return

ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023: The Star That Doesn’t Fit: Slardar

Because of the latest patch, Slardar went from not being played at TI12 to being the second most contested hero at ESL One KL 2023.

Views from Players

Cap and SVG talked about what they thought about Slardar’s comeback. Cap didn’t trust Slardar as much as Lina did, but he did say that he was famous. Some power heroes, like Chaos Knight and Troll Warlord, may not be as strong as they used to be, which has helped Slardar do well.

SVG talked about how Slardar does well against popular picks in the group stage, like Lone Druid and Lifestealer.

Here we come, playoff time! What’s next for Lina and Slardar?

The ESL One KL 2023 Playoffs: A Look Ahead

On December 15, ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023 will start the playoffs. All eyes will be on Lina and Slardar. Will they keep being the best, or will the top 8 teams bring a new meta?

The Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Center is ready, and the future of the event is up in the air. ESL One KL 2023 is sure to be exciting and surprising, whether Lina and Slardar stay on top or teams come up with new tactics.

In the end, a meta unfolds.

The ESL One KL 2023 group stage showed how the Dota 2 meta was changing and how Lina and Slardar were surprisingly rising to the top. The Dota 2 community at SLOT SERVER THAILAND is very excited about the playoffs because they want to see if these heroes will continue to dominate or if new plans will show up. Listen out for more exciting fights and changes in the meta at ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023!