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Ciputra: A Big Shot Entrepreneur with an Artsy Side

Ir. Ciputra, the brains behind the Ciputra Group, said his goodbyes to the world on November 27, 2019, at 88 years old, hanging up his boots at Gleneagles Hospital in Singapore. This guy’s life was a rollercoaster of wins, and right in the middle of all that business hustle, he had a soft spot for…
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Raden Saleh

Raden Saleh: Europe, Racism, Fake News

Raden Saleh and the Unexpected European Tour While working for financial inspector Jean Baptiste de Linge, young Raden Saleh travelled to Europe in 1829. A two-year trip became a twenty-year one. When De Linge returned to the Dutch East Indies in 1931, Raden Saleh stayed “to delve deeper into the sciences of calculus and lithography.”…
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anne frank the biography

Anne Frank: A Victim of Nazi Atrocities

Anne Frank and Nazis Anne Frank (1929–1945) was one of millions of people in Europe who were kill by the Nazis. People read her secret diary, which became famous. In 1947, a Dutch version of Anne Frank’s diary called “Het Achterhuis” (The Secret Annex) came out. A lot of languages have translated it, like “The…
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